Cottonwood Pediatric Providers

Mark Barrett, MD

Dr. Barrett is a great cook and loves to throw a good party, especially a "Derby Party" for all those in Utah who miss the  Kentucky Derby celebrations he once conducted in Kentucky. He comes to the Salt Lake area from Louisville,  Kentucky,  where he went to college and attended medical school. He is married  to Julia Brogli, another physician at Wasatch Pediatrics.  They are the parents  of two children. Dr. Barrett is calm and even tempered-a true Southern  gentleman, and a great doctor to  have at Cottonwood Pediatrics. He enjoys a good game of golf, an exhilarating hike or a winter day of skiing.



Julia Brogli, MD

Dr. Brogli moved to Utah from Kentucky. She attended medical school at the University of Louisville School of Medicine. Prior to medical school she earned degrees in physics. Dr. Brogli is the proud mother of a son and a daughter, Sean and Maureen, whom they call "Mo."  She knows first hand the challenges of balancing a career, a family, and other demands of modern living. She is very popular as a pediatrician because of her own experiences and caring style. She enjoys hiking, biking, and cross-country skiing, traveling, and especially eating out at good restaurants.



Dale Chapman, MD

Dale L. Chapman attended medical school at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston from 1978-1982, then spent his residency at The University of Utah and Primary Children’s Medical Center in 1982. After finishing in 1985, Dr. Chapman obtained fellowships in Pediatric Pulmonary Disease at the University of California, San Francisco, and The Department of Pediatrics and Cardiovascular Research Institute. In 1994 Dr. Chapman began working for Granger Medical Clinic in general pediatrics, then joined Cottonwood Pediatrics in the fall of 2011. Outside of pediatrics, Dr. Chapman enjoys gardening, nature, cooking, reading and traveling. We are all very excited to have Dr. Chapman here at Cottonwood Pediatrics!



William Cosgrove, MD

Before becoming a physician, Dr. Cosgrove was a bio-engineer having earned a degree in mechanical engineering. He left that  profession to go to medical school at the Universityof  Utah. He started Cottonwood Pediatrics in 1983 after completing his  residency. Dr. Cosgrove's wife is a school administrator. They have a son and a daughter and three grandsons. Dr. Cosgrove  works in many pediatric improvement efforts; currently he is the chairman of Intermountain Pediatric Society's immunization  committee and serves on the Utah Governor's Immunization Task Force. He has been on the IHC Board of Trustees and has  given generously of his time to improve medicine and benefit the children of Utah. It may seem he doesn't have time for  activities outside of medicine, but he has his pilot's license and has built an airplane.



David Hurley, MD

Dr. Hurley grew up in Texas and attended Abilene Christian University before going to medical school at Baylor College of  Medicine. He and his wife, Jerri, have three sons and a daughter. Dr. Hurley loves to garden-not just the normal 5 ft. garden  like most of us have. He has green houses and fruit trees and grapes and herb garden along with a large vegetable garden. He  brags that on Thanksgiving Day they have eaten fresh vegetables that he has picked that day. In our Utah climate that is  quite an accomplishment! Dr. Hurley has been a pediatrician at Cottonwood Pediatrics since 1992. Prior to that, he was the  director of the University of Utah Pediatric Continuity Clinic. Practicing medicine in Guatemala is very different from being a  pediatrician in Salt Lake City. Dr. Hurley found this out first hand when he spent five months, and later a full year there. He carried his medical supplies on his back and hiked to his patients. He acted as  general practitioner, obstetrician, veterinarian, counselor, nutritionist, pediatrician, surgeon, whatever the needs of the people were. He loved the opportunity to help them and    looks forward to going back again.



Terry Omura, MD

Dr. Omura was born and grew up in Salt Lake City. Deciding that he needed to see more of the world, he completed an M.D./Ph. D. degree at St. Louis University in Missouri. He then returned to Utah where he completed his residency at the University of Utah. He then joined Cottonwood Pediatrics in 1999 while working in the Emergency Department at Primary Children's Medical Center. After three years, he finally decided to dedicate all his time to the Cottonwood Office. Terry has been married for several years to his wife, Terrece. Together they have two cats, Clawdia and Goobie, and care for any other furry critters that come their way. Terry enjoys most any outdoor activity. He is a distance runner, bicycle racer, skier, and hiker. His patients and their parents are comfortable with his caring manner.



Charles Ralston, MD

Child Development and school or behavior problems are areas of special interest to Dr.Ralston in his practice of medicine. He splits his clinical time between our Cottonwood Pediatrics office and the University of Utah Department of Pediatrics. Dr. Ralston grew up in North Carolina where he attended UNC medical school; he came to Utah to do his residency. He completed a child development fellowship at UCLA before returning to Salt Lake City. Now he would find it hard to live any other place. Dr. Ralston enjoys fly-fishing, golf, woodworking, basketball, and cooking (eating too!) His golden retriever Maggie, who  is devoted but not too bright, keeps him company when his son and daughter are not around. Dr. Ralston chose to go into medicine to continue an interest in science without having to give up the rewarding interaction with families.



Paul Wirkus, MD

The King of Trivia is employed at Cottonwood Pediatrics. Dr. Wirkus knows something about everything-from the name of a song you can only remember three words to, to who starred in an old movie. He likes just about any kind of good food, he enjoys reading a good book, watching movies, and listening to music. He enjoys  hiking and spending time with his busy family which includes his wife, Janice; sons, Tim, Phil, and Andy; daughter Emma, and black lab, Sarah. Dr. Wirkus grew up in Idaho and attended medical school and completed his residency at the University of Utah where he was the chief resident of pediatrics. He joined Cottonwood Pediatrics in 1995. He enjoys practicing medicine, especially the chance to meet with children and their parents for well care visits, and he has special expertise and interest in pediatric arthritis care.



Nathanael Ridge, PA-C, PhD

Dr. Ridge received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Brigham Young University. He completed his internship and post-doctoral residency in Clinical Child Psychology at Texas Children’s Hospital. After finishing his psychology training, Dr. Ridge went on to receive his physician assistant degree from Baylor College of Medicine. His unique combination of degrees allows Dr. Ridge to provide both psychological and medical services at Wasatch Pediatrics. He specializes in assessing for and treating children (ages 2 – 18) suffering from anxiety and mood disorders, AD/HD and other emotional and behavioral disorders. Dr. Ridge utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), parent training, and medication if necessary to help children and adolescents with these difficulties. Dr. Ridge is married and has 4 children, 3 sons, and a daughter. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball, swimming, and enjoying Utah’s outdoors.



Kathleen McElligott, MD

Dr. McElligott received her Medical degree from Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Oregon and completed her pediatric residency and her adolescent medicine fellowship training at the University of Utah.  She was the Director of the Teen Mother and Child Program from 1987 to 2008 which provided comprehensive health care for at risk pregnant and parenting adolescents and their children. She provided medical care and support to thousands of young families along the Wasatch front. Dr. McElligott served as the Medical Director for Salt Lake County Youth Corrections providing care at the Salt Lake Valley Detention, Wasatch Youth, Genesis Youth, Decker Lake Youth, and Observation and Assessment Center from 1985-2009. She served on the Board of Directors for DDI Vantage (an early intervention program for disabled children) and the SIDS foundation Board.

Dr. McElligott enjoys teaching and loves to share her knowledge with others.  She is very dedicated and often goes the extra mile to help others. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, taking care of her garden and spending time with her family. She has a great sense of humor and is adored by all of her patients.

Becky Kincaid, MD

Dr. Kincaid grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana where she was active in choral music and of course academics. Her love of academics and her mothers insistence that part of going away to college was going AWAY to college, took her to the East Coast to McDaniel College. To her fathers delight, the Midwest called her back for in state tuition at Indiana University School of Medicine. She met her husband in Salt Lake on a ski vacation in medical school and he eventually lured her to Salt Lake for a residency at Primary Children’s Hospital. Now she has chosen to stay in Salt Lake City with her husband and son because she can’t imagine leaving the mountains ever again. In residency she developed a love of preventative medicine and advocating for a healthy, active lifestyle for the children of Utah. When she is not caring for the precious little pumpkins of Utah she enjoys traveling to far away places, skiing, hiking and smooching her adorable son. Dr Kincaid loves pediatrics because of the resilience and silly nature of children is just as infectious as pinkeye.  Who wouldn’t want a job where high fives are a normal part of your day?

Jake Jones, MD 

A Utah native, Dr. Jones graduated as valedictorian of Utah State University majoring in biology.  Dr. Jones was subsequently awarded the highest academic scholarship offered to attend the University of Utah Medical School.  For his Pediatric Residency, Dr. Jones practiced within Primary Children’s Hospital and the University of Utah.  As a physician, he is known for his caring demeanor, readiness to listen, and his generous investment towards patients.  In his spare time, he enjoys outdoor activities, reading, and spending time with his family.  Dr. Jones is currently accepting new patients and is available for a friendly 'Meet & Greet.'