Kenneth Broadbent, MD

St. Marks Office

1140 East 3900 South
Suite #360,
Salt Lake City 84124

Phone: (801) 264-8686

Dr. Ken Broadbent grew up in Salt Lake City and attended the University of Utah as an undergraduate studying English, Biology, Art, Architecture, and everything else that caught his eye and imagination. After a somewhat extended career as a professional undergraduate student, he attended Duke University School of Medicine. He then completed his pediatric residency training at the Harriet Lane Clinic at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. After graduation, he founded a pediatric hospitalist program in rural Maryland and then worked for several years in the Salt Lake area with Nighttime Pediatrics Urgent Care System. Ken is married to Jan Bernhisel-Broadbent, an Allergist, and they have three children (plus more animals than anyone else we know). He enjoys hiking, camping, travel, art, design, literature, gardening, horses, soccer and any hobbies his kids are interested in. Most of all, he loves being a grandpa! Ken feels fortunate to have been able to have fun while earning a living, and enjoys being a Pediatrician.

Dr Broadbent has been with Wasatch Pediatrics since 2000.