Steven Lynch, MD

Willowcreek Office

7138 S. Highland Dr. #106
Salt Lake City, UT 84121

Phone: (801) 942-1800

Originally from Massachusetts, Dr. Lynch misses the ocean, but finds the mountains of Utah terrific. He loves to ski, hike, and participate in water sports. He is also a fan of the Utah Jazz and all Boston sports teams. Dr. Lynch joined Willow Creek Pediatrics in 1988 after completing three years of public health service in Colorado, and his medical education at Tufts University in Boston. His family consists of wife Joann, who is a physician assistant with an emergency medicine group, and two great dogs, Hannah and Sophie.  Dr. Lynch has had three international health experiences, the first to China and two subsequent occasions to Papua, New Guinea. Dr. Lynch is a wonderful teacher and is generous with his time and medical expertise. Dr. Lynch volunteers his time with the Maleheh Free Clinic in Salt Lake City.  Dr. Lynch enjoys travel and photography. He is very organized. He teaches the pediatrics course for the University of Utah Physician Assistant program. He is also a member of the Utah Scientific Vaccine Advisory Committee.